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Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyor

The Best Way To Convey, Gently, Your Products.


The Best Way To Convey, Gently, Your Products.
The dense phase pneumatic transport allows to transport the products at low speed and with a low air/product ratio compared with other transporting methods.

Dense phase pneumatic conveying system preserves the granules of the transported products and performs the transport efficiently, with low costs and consumption.
In addition, the absence of moving parts and the completely closed system guarantees the safety and the cleaning of the system itself, making this conveying method become extremely suitable for food, pet-food, chemical and pharmaceutical products.
Also the quality of components and their special design allows to reduce the maintenance costs to a minimum.
A special design of the outlet unit made in Ni-Hard cast iron with a carbonitriding thermal treatment, a special lateral, lower and inner air fluidization system and a fine setting of the transport parameters guarantee a long-lasting installation.

The pneumatic conveying system can be supplied both in carbon steel and in stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316), with food grade components and finishes and Atex classified
In addition, they could be all supplied in dense phase version (with pipeline cleaning cycle after each launch), in extra-dense phase version (with full pipeline) or in HP version (High-Performance for long distances and big hourly capacities).


Low Air - Product Ratio
Low Speed and Consumption
Gentle Product's Transport
Safety and Clean Transport
Efficient System
Easy Installation
Pneumatic Conveyors for non-abrasive products


GA Type main feature is the inlet butterfly valve

This is the mostly used solution for non-abrasive products and in general in sectors like food, pet-food, plastic, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. 

The sizes go from 24 ltrs up to 4.000 ltrs vessels capacity.

These conveyors can be supplied both in dense phase with a cleaning cycle after each launch or in extra-dense phase for fragile products or products’ mixing. 

They can also be equipped on load cells for the material weighing before transport or supplied in Atex classified version. Solution for non-abrasive products.

Available for food and pharmaceutical transport with food grade components

Optional in Atex classified version

Extra dense phase for fragile products and products mixing

Optional on load cells for products’ weighing

GA-AA-Type Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors


GA-AA type is a special weighing conveyor type. 

In the GA-AA conveyor type the machine is equipped with an inlet butterfly valve and a central load cell which weighs the product loaded inside the vessel before the transport.

The pneumatic conveyor’s vessel is hanged on the supporting structure and the accuracy of the weigh is greatly increased. 

In addition, the pneumatic panel is installed on board the supporting structure for a more compact solution.

Special weighing conveyor

High weigh accuracy

On board pneumatic panel

Pneumatic Conveyors for abrasive products transport


GC Type is especially designed for abrasive products transportThanks to a unique inlet "Cone Valve" made in Ni-Hard cast iron the wearing problems are widely reduced compared to the standard solution with inlet butterfly valve. 

This solution is particularly suitable for materials like silica, silica sand, glass beads or glass sand, quartz sand transport and so on. 
The preloading hopper can be supplied with one or two flanged inlets depending on the application needs. Available sizes go from 24 ltrs up to 1500 ltrs vessels capacity and both dense (with cleaning cycle after each launch) and extra-dense (with full pipeline) versions are possible. 

These conveyors can be supplied in version for products with high temperature, equipped on load cells for the material weighing before transport or in Atex classified version.

Especially studied Ni-Hard cast iron inlet cone valve

Solution for abrasive products

Pre-loading hopper with one or two products’ inlets

Extra dense phase for highly abrasive or fragile products or for products mixing

Optional for products with High Temperature

Optional on load cells for products’ weighing Optional in Atex classified version

GA Combo Type Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors and electrical panels installed on board


GA-Combo type is for a compact version of the GA type that allows to reduce both installation costs and required installation space. 

This conveyor is equipped with both the pneumatical and the electrical panel installed on board the machine. It is commonly used under filters, under presses or under manual bag discharging hoppers or equipped with wheels for easy movement. 

Compact GA type version

Optional feet on wheels for easy movement.

Pneumatic and electrical panels installed on board

Easy installation under filters, presses or manual bag discharging hoppers


The GVF Impianti pneumatic conveying systems’ range includes the stainless-steel version both in AISI 304 and AISI 316, completely produced in-house too and composed by all pneumatic conveyors’ types and sizes and all pneumatic conveying systems components. 

The conveyor’s vessels are made, tested and PED certified in our workshop. Moreover, the machines can be supplied with components and finishing suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries (certification MOKA, FDA etc.).
They are featured by a high level of internal cleanliness thanks to the air-injection cyclonic system inside the vessel.
To the specific characteristics of the construction material should be added also the gentile concept of conveying which distinguishes the GVF Impianti dense and extra-dense phase pneumatic conveying systems, guaranteeing a very low breakage level of the transported material thanks to a very low speed inside the pipeline.
Stainless Steel (AISI 304 and AISI 316) Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries
Stainless Steel Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors (AISI 304 and AISI 316) for the food and pharmaceutical industries



2B finishing is obtained starting with a 2D finishing and adding a skin-pass rolling, which gives it a milky grey appearance. It has a much higher reflectivity than the 2D finishing, which gives it a less matt and more clean appearance.


2R finishing is obtained from cold rolled steel sheets through annealing heat treatment and recrystallisation in controlled atmosphere (hydrogen). The reflectivity is very high with a very shiny surface which gives to the material a lower impurities contamination. 
The surface is much more easy to be cleaned. This finishing is normally used in pharmaceuical and food industries.


2P finishing is obtained starting from a very raw steel finishing that is then polished with rotating cloth brushes impregnated of extra-fine texture pastes. The result is a shiny and reflective surface completely lacking of unidirectional lines and with a perfect mirror-like finishing.


Vessels construction in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316

Stainless steel components

Available capacity from 24 to 3.000 lt

Compete with stainless steel electro-pneumatic control panel in box

Available with FDA e MOKA certification

Air injection cyclonic system for vessels' cleaning

Stainless Steel Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyors in AISI 304 and AISI 316

Special applications 

The in-house production of the vessels and of the complete machine allows a high level of control on the products’ quality and also a high level of products’ customization.

GVF Impianti produces on request pneumatic conveying systems for special applications such as for the transport of products with high temperature which may also need the addition of heat tracing and insulating systems, both for pneumatic conveyors type GA and GC (for abrasive products).

Additionally, all the machines can be made in accordance with Atex 2014/34/UE Directive classification II 3D or equipped with weighing systems on load cells.

In-house production of the vessels according to the PED regulation 2014/68/UE.

We Make and Test in-house our Vessels.

We make and test in-house all the vessels according to the PED regulation 2014/68/UE.
All the welding activities are made under UNI EN ISO 15614-1:2012 procedures.


All GVF Impianti Srl pneumatic conveying systems are supplied ready to be installed and equipped with its pneumatic control cabinet and with its electrical panel which controls the whole transporting cycle, from the product loading up to the line cleaning after the launch, exchanging signals with the machines upstream and downstream of the pneumatic conveying system thanks to an especially designed management software.
The electrical panel is equipped with a PLC for the pneumatic transport parameters management and with an operator interface that could differ depending on the pneumatic conveyors’ sizes and versions.
Customizations are also possible on request.
Automation and Software. Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveyor control cabinet and electrical panel

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