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GVF Impianti offers a wide range of Diverting Valves from two to twelve ways for the transport of powdery or granular product in Pneumatic Conveying Lines.
The GVF Impianti Diverting Valves are designed to divert pneumatically conveyed product to multiple desired destinations.
The Diverting Valves reduce system wear and achieve high flow rates minimizing any loss of load.
A complete line studied to solve all the line's problems.
DS Multiways Diverter Valve


The DS series represents the most technologically advanced version of GVF Impianti’s diverter valves.
The DS valve is designed to have only one incoming pipe and multiple outgoing pipes, in order to manage complex systems featuring up to 12 outlets, with considerable savings in terms of pipes, assembly costs and operating space. 
It is possible to install the valve both vertically and horizontally by means of the lower fixing plates, giving the valve a particularly versatile application.

Diameter from 2”1/2 up to 8”

Loading of sets of storage bins, transport of non miscible materials, abrasive materials

From 3 to 12 outlets

Easy to install both vertically and horizontally

DP two ways diverter valve


DP series diverter valves allows to select the flow from one to two lines and from two lines to one.

The mechanical outfit is precise and adjustable; the gaskets are interchangeable to guarantee simple and effective maintenance services. When the valve is in position, the unused way is closed mechanically. 

The two ways diverter valve type DP represents the best solution for most of the pneumatic conveying applications.

Diameter from 2”1/2 up to 10”

Loading of sets of storage bins, transport of non miscible materials, abrasive materials

Limit switches on the piston

Easy to install both vertically and horizontally

Y type two ways diverter valve


The two-ways diverter valve type Y allows the selection between two different ways, through the opening and the closure of two pinch valves. 

The diverter’s body is made in steel carpentry, with flanged connections. The diverter is equipped with two pinch valves installed in the outlet flanges, and two activation solenoid valves installed on board the machine. 

This diverter is particularly suitable for pneumatic conveying system in both diluted or dense phase.

DAS two ways silo-top valve


DAS series diverter valves are studied to be installed on the top of the silos, giving the possibility to divert between more silos or to become a terminal box made in a wear-resistant material.

When it is needed to discharge the product into the silo on which the valve is installed, the diverter deviates the material's flow, thanks to a 90° diversion based on an interchangeable expansion drawer, made in a wear-resistant material. 

When the valve is in the conveyance position a group of pneumatic gaskets, controlled by a pressure switch, guarantees the valve’s seal up to 4 bar. The gasket is easily replaceable. The two-way diverter valve DAS turns out to be essential for most of the storage systems.

Diameter from 2”1/2 up to 10”

Loading of sets of storage bins, transport of non miscible materials, abrasive materials


On board pneumatic panel

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