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glass recycling plant

Turnkey raw materials’ recycling plants are the result of several years of experience, developed in different sectors.
In particular we serve the glass recycling sector, in which we supply selection and finishing plants, complete with optical selectors, magnetic and inductive selection’s systems, hammer mills and cylinder mills, vibrating screens, suction and separation systems for materials such as plastic, paper, caps and continuous de-dusting systems.
White glass selection, complete with rotary screens, car’s glass selection plants with systems for the separation of glass and plastic, complete with crushers. 
Plants for the transformation and ennobling of the production waste, production of glass sand with machines for the separation of organic parts with post-combustion systems of fumes and heat reclamation systems.

Glass sand plant

How to Transform the Glass Waste in a Product Ready for Melting


Reduction of Lead Content

Organic Parts Removal
Environmental Protection
Totally Dry Process
Controlled Grain Size of the Final Product
Low Energy Consumption
Fully Automated Plant
GVF Impianti glass sand plant
Reduction of lead content

Reduction of lead content

The inlet material is pre-treated and selected in order to remove the presence of lead inside the final product.

GVF Impianti glass sand plant allows the removal of ferrous and non-ferrous material, along with other waste parts, thanks to a series of sorting systems and machines.
The materials sorted and removed are ferrous parts, aluminium, waste such as taps, plastics etc.., lead and other types of waste. This allows to move the product to the following processes with a lead content reduced to its minimum. 
Furthermore, thanks to the combination of different technologies, the final glass cullet has a very small grain size. The same is true for the residual lead, which arrives in small quantity inside the material. This allows to avoid lead-related problems during the glass melting. 
Organic parts removal

Organic parts removal

Thanks to a complex system of specifically-designed machines, the product is dried and cleansed of its organic components.

GVF Impianti glass sand plant allows the removal of the organic parts present inside the glass cullets. These parts cause a change in the glass colour when the glass is melted. 
In order to avoid this problem, GVF Impianti has studied and designed a special system which combines different functions such as screening, suction, crushing and drying in a complex sequence. The system is composed of different processing machines in order to reduce the organic content to its minimum.
All processes of organic parts removal are done without using water or other liquids, for a completely dry system. 
Glass recycling plant: specifically-designed machines
Fully Automated GVF Impianti glass recycling Plant
Controlled grain size

Controlled grain size

The final product is composed by glass sand which has a totally controlled and stable grain size.

The end glass cullet obtained has a fully controlled grain size. The entire plant produces, as a final product a glass sand with a micronized particle size.
The obtained grain size can be modified through the setting of the entire plant. This allows to control the final output.
Totally dry process

Totally dry process

The first and unique totally dry process. This allows to avoid water usage and water treatment-related problems, such as the need of plants for water purification. The lack of humidity inside the final product allows the storage of the material into silos and the direct loading on trucks.

The process is totally water free. This means that in order to remove the organic part inside the glass cullet, the plant is not equipped with water systems to clean the surface of the cullet. The final dry and clean glass sand is transported by means of our special conveying systems, especially studied for highly abrasive materials.
This characteristic of GVF Impianti glass sand plant, avoids the costs related to water usage and to water treatment or sewage disposal at the end of the process. No additional costs for waste water treatment are needed. 
For this reason this plant reduces the environmental impact of glass recycling system, both by making a used resource become a renewed one, glass, and by protecting the environment, avoiding the usage of a valuable and dwindling resource: water.
GVF Impianti Pneumatic conveyor for glass recycling plant
GVF Impianti Highly innovative energy recycling system
Low energy consumption

Low energy consumption

A very complex system for energy recovery allows to greatly reduce the energy consumptions in order to minimize operational costs.

GVF Impianti glass plant is also very efficient and effective also in terms of energy consumption. A highly innovative energy recycling system is installed inside the plant, which allows to recycle the energy for the plant’s functioning.
In this way, all operational costs related to energy usage are greatly reduced and the entire plant becomes a sustainable choice for the environment.
Fully automated plant

Fully automated plant

The entire system is fully automated and requires only supervision activities. This is the reason for the plant’s high efficiency and profitability.

The plant is completely automatic. All processes are done without requiring men for the selection activities or for the functioning of the entire plant. Only supervision activities are required. This feature allows the reduction of human resources related costs, and increases the profitability and the efficiency of the plant. 

GVF Impianti fully automated glass sand plant
Sleeve filter for GVF Impianti glass sand plant: to combine low energy consumption and air pollution control
Environmental protection

Environmental protection

We have designed the plant in order to combine low energy consumption and air pollution control, reducing the environmental impact to a minimum.

We have designed the plant in order to combine low energy consumption and air pollution control, reducing the environmental impact to a minimum.

The recycling process of products, allows the protection of scarce resources and raw materials. For this reason the glass recycling is itself a process that helps to protect the environment and its resources.
GVF Impianti combines the usefulness gained from the recycling, with low energy consumption, no water usage and air pollution control. 

Fluid bed dryer

The vibrating fluid bed dryer is used to dry the inlet material in the plant, and is produced with capacities up to 50 ton/h

The dryer is composed by a lower hot air inlet plenum and by a series of sealed drawers, which direct the material.
The machine is equipped with a continuous working temperature adjusting system.

With a group of adjusting valves controlled by continuous engines, is then guaranteed the correct power supply, depending on the humidity’s quantity present in the material.


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