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Mechanical Conveyors and Automations.

GVF Impianti Srl produces mechanical conveyors and automations for the involvement and the managing of different types of products even if they are powders, granules, pellets or if they are not uniform pieces. 

The main characteristics are the high mechanical resistance to wear and the ability to choose the most suitable solution depending on the field of use.

Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials Handling with contrast in Inox for magnetic selection


Long distances, big heightsThe wide range of materials and belt shapes, allows the production of belt conveyors suitable to satisfy all customer’s needs of transport.
The finding of the right solution makes the material handling quickly, safety and efficient.

GVF Impianti belt conveyors can be supplied in different construction forms: “NP” flat belt conveyor, “NPE” flat extractor belt conveyor, “NC” V-belt conveyor, “NC S-series” sliding V-belt, supplied also with contrast in AISI for magnetic selection. 
The technology is particularly suitable for the horizontal movement, at low, medium and high speed of a wide range of products both in bulk and packed, also with very small size or in granules.

Conveying capacity up to 500 t/h

Easy installation

Conveying speed up to 4 mt/sec

Low maintenance costs

Low-wear and low-maintenance components

Bucket Elevator with Motorgearbox


GVF Impianti bucket elevators ET series are engineered to work in particularly hard environment, they have a strong structure and guarantee an easy maintenance. 

The bucket elevators can also be made with chain dragging or with special customized buckets. GVF Impianti bucket elevators have an inlet studied specifically to remove the remains in the bottom and they are also equipped with guiding rolls on bearings both in the head and in the transfer case.

The control unit is made by a drum on keyed shaft in order to allow an easy replacement.
The elevator is complete with motorgearbox and tensioning unit and its head can be disassembled in two pieces, in order to guarantee an easy maintenance and a simple replacement of the belt. 

The loading area is equipped with a wear-resistant bottom.

Heavy-duty construction

Easy installation

Low-wear and low-maintenance

Wear resistant bottom

Elevator’s head composed by two pieces so that maintenance iseasy and replacement simple

Weighing Belt suitable for powders and granules of different materials.


GVF Impianti continuous weighing belt conveyors are lightweight and compact gravimetric machines
The weighing belt series NPS is suitable for powders and granules of different materials. Different sizes are available: 400÷1000 to be selected on the basis of the required capacity.

Apart from the standard model, some different versions, which can be customized, are also available. The belt can be used to take the conveyed product from the storage bins or hoppers and can be used as a fixed capacity dispenser for continuous duty.

The control unit also allows its use as weight totalizator, set weight dispenser, master/slave percentage dispenser.

Robust frame in powder painted mild steel or stainless steel

Belt supporting structure and inlet manufactured in stainless steel (parts in contact with product)

Possibility to choose within a range of belts in different materials: PVC (standard), food grade white and anti-abrasion

Bandebord Conveyors


GVF Impianti’s bandebord belt conveyors NB series represent a suitable alternative to classic bucket elevators and are particularly advised for transport of granules or products with variable sizes on inclined surfaces up to 70°

The flat part, suitable for both gravitational and dosed loading, allows a uniform distribution of the material inside the conveyor, guaranteeing a high capacity.
In addiction, the upper flat part of the conveyor allows placing the unloading point depending on the plant’s needs, making this solution particularly suitable for all friable or highly-abrasive products.

The machine can be supplied with protection plates and suction system to obtain a depression area. 

Self cleaning “squirrel-cage” idler drum

NBR covered drive head drum

Load / Unload hopper (optional)

Lower belt sides protection (optional)

Rubber belt’s cover 4+2 oil resistant

Idler drum rotation proximity sensor

Heavy duty belt rollers on totally sealed bearings

Safety “pull-rope-to stop” switch on both sides

Radler Chain convey different types of products gently.


GVF Impianti Redler chain conveyors convey different types of products cleanly, gently and economically.
They have a reliable long-lasting system, and they are characterized by a high attention for the constructive parts.
In fact, they are assembled on sliding levels in wear-resistant or lubricating material with dragging chains, studied and realized depending on the plant’s needs.

Redler conveyors with a square cross section of the box

Heavy duty construction

Loading units

Redler conveyors with a round cross section of the box

Paddles in plastic, S235JR, AISI 304, AISI 316 or Wear-resistant steel

Unloading units complete with shut-off valves

Bottom covering in wear-resistant material (optional)

Screw Conveyors to transfer bulk materials


GVF Impianti screw conveyors are used in thousands of industrial applications every day for efficiently conveying a variety of bulk materials.

A screw conveyor’s main function is to transfer bulk materials from one process to another. 

Engineered to convey dusty products in continuous duty, GVF Impianti screw conveyors are supplied with different diameters.

Ideal for handling dry to semi-fluid materials


Efficiently distributes bulk materials to various locations using multiple inlet and discharge points

Custom engineered for your specific application

Vibrating Feeders Made in S235JR, AISI304, AISI316 or Wear-resistant steel


GVF Impianti vibrating feeders are constituted by a vibrating canal, which can be coated by wear-resistant materials, activated by two adjustable eccentric en-masse electro-vibrators.

The vibration impressed to the canal generates the directional flow, at controlled speed, of the material in the machine.
The unit is comprehensive of a structure with suspension springs, containment sides with interchangeable plates subjected to wear and a fast flow regulation shutter.
The vibrating feeders can be supplied in different configuration depending on their usage.

The vibrating feeder “A” series are used for the secondary continuous, weighed and dosed feeding of every machine (belt conveyors, screeners, mills etc.) thanks to a regulation valve and to the vibrators’ eccentric masses.

Heavy duty Sides with interchangeable plates

Eccentric rotating mass vibrating motors

Made in S235JR, AISI304, AISI316 or Wear-resistant steel

Elastomeric dampening system

Inner covering in wear-resistant material or in polyurethane

Customized sizes

Vibrating Screen


GVF Impianti vibrating screener are particularly suitable for the selection of aggregates, guaranteeing a high quality selection, high productivity, easiness of maintenance and long lifetime

All parts which compose the vibrating body are welded and subjected to a loosening treatment. The sides are specifically shaped and stiffened, and carry the seats of the vibrating screeners. 
The loading shelves with metal-rubber coverage are prepared for the receipt and the distribution of the material, avoiding the premature wear of the screening grids in the loading area and reducing the noise caused by the material’s impact.

The vibrating screener are equipped with special and adjustable eccentric en-masse bearings, properly dimensioned in order to tolerate the high stresses to which they are subjected, and in order to obtain the most suitable width of vibration, depending on the type of the material which is to be treated.

Sides shaped and strengthened

Low maintenace and wear

Loading shelves with metal or rubber coating are studied and manufactured for the receipt and the distribution of the material

Special and adjustable eccentric enmasse bearings

Big Bag Unloading Systems with Constructive materials: Fe, AISI 304L, AISI 316L


GVF Impianti Big-Bags unloading systems are composed by a structure complete with unloading hopper and with upper mobile cross vault for the lifting of the Big-Bags, through forklift, and the introduction of the Big-Bag in the equipment.

GVF Impianti Big-Bag unloading system is a modular system, which is available in different versions depending on the type of application. 
The easy introduction of the Big-Bag in the structure, and the unloading phase without dust, added to a wide range of options make this equipment extremely user-friendly.
The 4 laces of the Big-Bag are fastened with the hooks of the cross vault . The Big-Bag is in this way lifted by the forklift and it is put into the Big-Bag unloading system. 
The Big-Bag’s opening can be made through the hopper’s hatch, when it lays on the hopper’s seal.

Constructive materials: Fe, AISI 304L, AISI 316L

Available also models with extractable structure, adjustable structure for forklift truck and complete with monorail for the installation of a tackle

Vibrating cone adjusted on the opening hatch of the unloading door.

Hopper complete with hatch for the Big-Bag opening, of motorgearbox and filtering sleeve for the dust’s vent.

Rubber seals
Complete unloading of the Big-Bag also with compact powders thanks to an innovative Big-Bag tensioning system
Silos and Hoppers


GVF Impianti designs and produces also complete storage systems and monolithic silos for the storage of a wide range of products. 

Silos are supplied complete of top filter, loading pipelines, over-pressure valve, blast valve, anti-stick systems for silos, terminal boxes, manual open/closure valve, actuated open/closure valve, tanker loading bellows (on request), maximum and minimum level probes, supporting structure, access ladder, walkway and parapets.

Flat bottom sweep discharger


Flat Bottom Sweep Discharger is a device used to extract bulk material (powders or granular materials) stored in bins, silos or hoppers

Sweep Discharger has a flat bottom equipped with a rotating discharge arm that conveys e discharges the bulk material toward the outlet in the center of the flat bottom.

Constructive materials: AISI 304L, AISI 316L, carbon steel

Low Maintenace cost

Minimum material residue

Lump Breaker


The GVF Impianti Lump Breaker is designed for breaking up friable lumps that can form in bulk materials (powders or granules) inside Bags or Big Bags and during production or transport processes.

Inside the lump breaker there are special rotating blades that allow to crush the lumps 
by making them pass through a fixed grid of contrast. 

Connected to the body of the lump breaker there are two flanges, one for the inlet of the product in the upper part and one for the exit of the crushed product in the lower part.

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