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Hot Sand Reclamation Plant

Mould Shake-Out Vibrating Disintegrators


Since 1964 in the Foundry Market.

Foundry Equipments

With a long experience in the Foundry Market, where was born in 1964, GVF Impianti Srl is today focused on automated pouring systems, hot reclamation plants, vibrating shake-out, pneumatic conveying systems and filtration plants.
Foundry Machinery: Pouring Machines


GVF Impianti provides foundry machines and systems since its birth in 1964. 
For this reason, our Casting Carriage is the result of 60 years of experience in casting systems and it was developed with the precise goal to obtain a total safety and a maximum precision during the pouring operations.
Indeed, this system increases significantly the operator’s comfort and the entire line’s productivity. Both casting quality and productivity increase.
The strong points of the GVF Impianti casting system are: constancy of results, comfort and security.
Foundry Machinery: Semi-Automatic Pouring Machines


The higher position of the bridge deck allows operators to follow with safety and precision all the operative phases, permitting the casting while the line is moving. 

The movement of the carriage on every axis also allows reaching easily all the casting points. To be more precise, the transversal movement allows reaching and maintain the casting hole’s center during the pouring operations. 

The longitudinal movement is studied to let the casting carriage move along the line in order to rach the pouring hole.  Finally, the casting rotation leads the full ladle up to a complete emptying angle. The operator is also able to adjust the speed of this movement by means of a joystick.
Foundry Machinery: Ladle's Transfer Roller


In order to fulfill all our customers’ needs the Casting Carriage can be also equipped with a totally automatic loading system from the melting furnace. 
This system carries three ladles to the casting carriage, so that it always guarantees the continuity of the system and a very high productivity.

Furthermore, it is also possible to produce the casting carriage, which maintains a fixed pouring position or which uses a double ladle.
Foundry Machinery: Thermal Sand Reclamation Plant


GVF Impianti with over 50 years of experience in the foundry market and sand regeneration, designs and realize both mechanical and thermal recovery of agglomerated exhausted sands with organic and inorganic binders. The aim is to eliminate the binder residues present on the granules, obtaining sand with similar or better characteristics than virgin sand that can be reused in the foundry process. This process reduce up to 80% of new sand purchases and the quantity of sand that the foundry has to dispose of. 
GVF Impianti has developed three different processes for the regeneration of sand: Green Sand Reclamation Plant, Thermal Sand Reclamation Plant and Mechanical System Regeneration
The sand reclamation plant includes design, engineering for the on-site installation of all machines, equipment and control systems needed for the plant’s installation. 
Foundry Machinery: Sand Precoating with wear-resistant cast iron


The SPP is a sand pre-coating plant with resins both in flakes and liquid. 
The plant can be supplied only for resins in flakes, only for liquid resins or for both processes at the same time. 
The plant distinguishes itself for the high hourly productivity, thanks to its exclusive sand pre-treatment system.
All ingredients are weighted and dosed, with a high precision, on the basis of the receipts set or selected by the operator. 
Being more precise, the plant is equipped with a turbo-dissolving unit for the Hexamine, which allows to dose the product in very precise percentages through one dedicated skid. 
The heart of the plant is composed by one vertical ploughshare mixer with armor plates in wear-resistant cast-iron. The treated material inside the first mixer is transferred to a second liquid-cooled mixer, which allows completing the coating process in an optimal way, lowering the production time.
Shake Out Machine in Carbon Steel allows to divide the casting from the sand


The shake-out machine allows dividing the casting from the sand. The machine is composed by an upper grid in high thickness Creusabro steel, which can be detachable.  

The body of the shake-out is made in electronwelded carbon steel, subjected to a loosening treatment. 
The machine is also equipped with interchangeable inner plates made in manganese steel. 
The primary selection and crushing grid is interchangeable and it is made in manganese steel too with quick connectors. Secondary and fine interchangeable selection grid made in stainless steel with quick connectors.
Lateral wasted material ‘s outlet equipped with door with pneumatic activation for the material unloading. Unloading outlet for crushed and selectioned sand. 
The control unit composed by two adjustable vibrators with unbalanced mass.
Vibrating Crushers composed by a wide Crushing Hopper


GVF Impianti vibrating crusher type FSV for sand reclamation is produced in three main models: FSV 80 - 100160
The high performance vibrating crusher works with the Sand over Sand Theory, and crushes the agglomerated sand until it has reduced the sand to the needed size. In this way, the wear of the mechanical parts is reduced to the minimum. The capacity goes from 0,5 to 3 Ton/h
The machine is composed by a wide crushing hopper, which has replaceable wear-resistant armored sides, and a grid with particular crossed shapes for the primary selection of the sand.
The material crushed in this way, moves to a secondary crushing chamber, which has a stainless steel grid, and in which all the metal small impurities stop.
The machine is equipped with inspection and rear unloading door, fast-lock system of the selection grid and lateral outlet door for the waste.

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